Nobody has asked me any questions yet but this is what I would anticipate some of them to be because I ask myself these same things sometimes:

You're obviously female, so why is your blog called 'Overreaction Jackson'?

Cause it rhymes and rhyming is cool.

How often do you update?

Whenever the fuck I feel like it. You can't rush art.

Why are your drawings so sketchy?

I like to put as much raw emotion into each facial expression and blah blahblah Because it would take FOREVER to do all of those pictures if I made them all nice and polished and you'd only get updates, like, once a year.

How true are the stories you post?

They all really happened and very little exaggeration is added for comedic effect. I really am that easily freaked out.

This really reminds me of that one blog with the stick figure girl who does crazy things. Did you steal the idea from her?

You mean Hyperbole and a Half? She was my inspiration to start a picture blog but I didn't steal the idea from her. I'm going more for the storyboard style presentation and, you'll notice, that words and pictures have been paired together for many years in the form of children's story books. For more information, check out your local library! :D

Do you have a day job?


What if you run out of stories?!

I won't. My life is a merry-go-coaster of crazy.

How does your boyfriend feel about being featured in your blog?

The buff one doesn't know because I broke up with him for being a meanie dumb-face. The skinny cowboy loves it and is my forever-boyfriend.